Jennifer Barrett will give a guided tour around the exhibition Behind the Scenes With Einar Þorsteinn at Saturday the 16th of february. As part of her museum studies at the University of Iceland Jennifer has been working as an intern at the Design Museum getting to know Einar Þorsteinn through the work he left behind. We would say that their relationship is a match made in heaven.

Entrance fee to the museum applies.

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In relation to the exhibition, Behind the scenes with Einar Þorsteinn, the Design Museum will offer a drawing workshop on friday the 9th of Februar. The lighting designers from Myrkraverk will convert the exhibition space into a play of shadows. Equipped with drawing tools and the guidance of the artists Baldur Björnsson and Brynja Björnsdóttir participants can capture the beautiful often complicated shapes reflected from Einar´s work. It is an opportunity to get to know Einar´s (1942-1914) work and the possibilities that he leaves behind for us to discover and enjoy.

The workshops start at 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 og 22:00.

Free of charge

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The architect Paolo Gianfrancesco will give a talk about the golden ratio saturday the 26th of January. The talk is given in relation to our current filing project of the work of Einar Þorsteinn Ásgeirsson, who was an architect, a great mathematician and many other things.

The talk will be in english and is free of charge.

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A small market in collaboration with the designers Hildigunnur Gunnarsdóttir and Snæfríð Þorsteins will be held on Saturday, January 26th at. 13-15 in the Icelandic Design Museum. In the market, RIFDAGATAL will be introduced, which they have designed and sold in recent years, along with more structured products called CONTROL CABLES.

There are also books available from the book club Angustúra, but the books were nominated for the Icelandic Design Prize last year. A book is a lifelong form and challenge for designing a book that requires it to be recorded and read. The books are in high quality, they are from all over the world and open windows into the world.

While on the market, a 20% discount is offered on the works of Snæfríðar and Hildigunnar.

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Guðmundur Oddur will give a guided tour around the exhibiton. The guided tour will be in Icelandic.

Einar Þorsteinn was a pioneer in geometric research and the use of 3D models, through which he was able to study and explain concepts such as five-fold symmetry. He was also ahead of his time in the study of sustainability, as shown in the dome houses he designed in the 1980s, each of which featured its own indoor garden.

Einar Þorsteinn can best be described as a true Renaissance man. He was also a collaborator, working closely with the artist Ólafur Eliasson, for example on the glass exterior of the Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik, and with the architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller.

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Yesterday, Lilja Alfreðsdóttir, our Minister our Culture came for a visit as well as the new director for education and culture in Garðabær, Eiríkur Björn Björgvinsson. Good start on a new year.

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Nordic Forum for Design History 2018, November 23 rd. from 9-19.

People are welcome to pop in and out of the Forum during the day.

Most of the talks will be in English.

Please register at before the 20th of November.
Those who register will be invited for lunch.

Friday 23/11
Theme: Copies, Classics & Traditions

09.00 Welcome to Iceland’s Design Museum & Garðabær, Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir

09.15 Introduction to the theme: Copies, Classics & Traditions, Anders V. Munch

09.30 Keynote lecture: Driftwood on Icelandic Coast. Traveling ideas
Guðmundur Oddur, Research Professor, Iceland University of the Arts

10.30 Coffee break

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An introduction to the icelandic architect Högna Sigurðardóttir (1929 - 2017) and a visit to one of her buildings nearby the Design Museum. The talk at the museum and the guided tour around the house will take place in Icelandic.

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Sunday 4th of november from 13-17.
Fashion designer Helga Björnsson spent years in the midst of the haute couture at Louis Féraud in Paris and has created costumes for Icelandic theatres. Her drawings and sketches are works of an artist. With only a few pencil lines she conjures up both elegance and sensuality. Helga will be offering 30 original drawings for sale for 17.500 kr. each.

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1. st of November from 17 - 18
HOUSE MUSIC on the last day of his exhibition, Torfa Fannar, will rest his knitting machine and put on his hat as a DJ and play some house music with his friend 'Aslákur Ingvarsson.

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