Ólafur Elíasson will reflect on his collaboratin with Einar Þorsteinn Ásgeirsson (1942–2015). Einar Þorsteinn joined Ólafurs studio in the year 2000 and they worked closely together for 12 years until Einar lost his health.

When talking about how the involvement of different people has become a central aspect of the development of his projects Ólafur says: „One of the most central person in this, has since I first met him in 1996, been Einar Thorsteinn. His skills and understanig of my work has been extremely important for the creaton of a large range of ideas.“

Einar said about Ólafur: „But most important of all in my view, Olafur has marked himself a good starting point in the real sense of what art stands for. Thus, consiously or not he is able to work towards „braking up the rigidity of our common thought– structures“ with his art." (2002)

For the past months the Museum of Desing and Applied Art has been filing the content of Einar Þorsteins studo in one of the exhibition spaces of the museum.

The event starts at 16:00

Talk will be in English.

Admission to the Museum
Adults: 1000 ISK
Senior citizens: 500 ISK
Students: 500 ISK
Disabled: FREE
Children -18 years: FREE

Ljósmynd: Olafur Eliasson & Einar Thorsteinn, Cities On The Move 4, Louisiana Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by Armin Linke, 1999.