06/03/20 - 06/06/20

About the Exhibition

Ásthildur Magnúsdóttir is a weaver and eider farmer. Her textile work covers everything from the finest damask to rough rya rugs. Ásthildur is a specialist in the history and properties of the Icelandic wool.

Two years ago, the cloakroom of the Icelandic Museum of Design and Applied Art was transformed into a residency for designers where they can practice, exhibit and sell their work. The residency lasts for three months. It offers a conversation between the museum’s visitors and the designers. The arrangement provides insight into the craftsmanship and methodology of each designer. The stay expands the network of the designers who get the chance to introduce and sell their work. The guests and staff of the museum have enjoyed the good company, the creative atmosphere and learned a lot about the treasures of fine craftsmanship and creativity.

Images: Vigfús Birgisson and Axel Sigurðarson.