21/03/12 - 27/05/12

About the Exhibition

It is sometimes difficult to put into words the feelings invoked by something that moves us; but words are only one means of communication. We can also communicate using facial expression or posture, and likewise, the mind and the handscan together create a powerful language—a manual language.

All creations, big and small, are expressions of this manual language, steered by the mind. Though, as objects,these creations might appear speechless,they are in fact brimming with stories.

In design there are boundaries which are not easy to transgress. These boundaries distinguish between the countless stages of the design process whereby the original ‘product’ goes through many changes. Technological considerations, production costs, market conditions and fashion trends all play a role in this development, constricting the designer within a definitive framework. But before all that happens, the designer has the freedom to loop around the various caverns of his/her mind, and knit in accordance with his/her fancy.Thus the designer journeys between the possible and the impossible, where the ideas flow freely. Because the trip up there is so smooth, to the moon. Especially if you don’t need to come down to earth.

Steinunn Sigurðardóttir, show curator