Sunday, October 3 at 13, families are invited to take part in a design workshop at the Icelandic Design Museum. The product designers Auður Ösp Guðmundsdóttir and Embla Vigfúsdóttir lead the workshop, but the subject is food packaging. Kristín Þorkelsdóttir's design of food packaging will be examined and subsequently compared how food was stored and served during the settlement era and how we do it today and possibly in the future. In the workshop, participants go on flights and fun design experiments will be made. The workshop is free, but the Icelandic Children's Cultural Fund supports the project with the title Við langeldinn / Við eldhúsborðið.

About By the long fire / At the kitchen table:
In various workshops at Hönnunarsafn Íslands and Bókasafn Garðbær, children and their families will have the opportunity to reflect on life in the age of settlement in comparison with our lives today. Archeology, architecture, literature, design and handicrafts, history and ethnography are the subjects of the workshops, all of which are connected to the settlement hut located in Minjagarðurinn at Hofsstaðir.