Þórunn Árnadóttir, product designer, set up a workspace in the Museum during the winter 2018-2019. The aim was to seek inspiration from the work of the late architect and mathematician Einar Þorsteinn. The results, scented candles called Elements are inspired by platonic solids and mysticism. The candles will be interdouced the 23rd of June. Due to the 2m rule there will not be a specific opening but the museum is open from 12-17. The products can be viewed in the museum store from 23-28 of june.

The symmetrical elegance of the Platonic Solids results from each geometric shape having equal lengths and angles on all sides. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato aligned these unique forms with the elemental building blocks that make up our material world—Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Each ELEMENTS candle is imbeded with scent and color to reflect its poetry and power.

photo: M Studio