On Sunday 6 March at 1 pm, a workshop will be held for the whole family, led by Ásthildur Magnúsdóttir. Participants are allowed to comb and spin their own thread from raw wool. Not everyone realizes what our clothes are made of, but wool and plastic are among the things used today. It will no doubt be fun to take part in a chat with Ásthildur, who is a part-time teacher at the Reykjavík Art School, where she teaches weaving and knitting, but wool is her special hobby. However, those who just want to shred and pull and handle the wool are truly welcome in the space of the Design Museum called Smiðjan.

Tóvinnusmiðjan is part of the project Við langeldinn / Við eldhúsborðið which is funded by the Icelandic Children's Cultural Fund, but the goal is to draw attention to life from the settlement age and how things are different but different from our lives today and then. Participation is free and everyone is truly welcome.